Improve Your Website’s Readability with This Tip

My former web host who I have just written a review about, recently has published an article titled “3 Tips for Improving Your Website’s Readability“.

The tips included in the article are indeed useful and will contribute to the improved readability of your website. In this article, I’d like to extend the list with a 4th tip.

The article mentions that we should consider our font family and size.

An additional point to this would be the space between the lines or line-height. If the text is too dense, it will negatively influence readability.

Take a look at the below two screenshots, the difference speak for itself.

Dense text – no go
Proper line height

A2Hosting’s article quotes the Flesch reading test, however that test doesn’t evaluate line-height. Despite this, it’s clear that for the human eye it is a major factor when it comes to readability.

Especially if the font family and size are not fully optimized, line height is important.

So next time when you are writing content, make sure that that the line-height is on point.


Saying Goodbye to my Old Web Host

In December 2018 it was my 3rd year of hosting my website with A2 Hosting. While I was happy with the service, I made a decision to look for other opportunities on the market that would allow me to continue my activities more efficiently.

The decision was based on two things:

  1. I was not making use of all the resources that were available
  2. and coming from the above, I was paying way too much for something that I don’t make use of fully

I wrote an article about my initial experience with Namecheap’s EasyWP WordPress Managed Hosting service which is far from complete, but it struck me that I haven’t shared anything on my experience with A2Hosting.

A strong point

Support was one of the strongest points of A2 Hosting. Speed wise, they were not better than my current cheap WordPress hosting, but their support was snappy – issues were solved quickly.

In contrast, Namecheap’s EasyWP support takes days sometimes for an issue to be solved. Now, if you run a serious business you cannot afford this. This is the current reality with Namecheap. And I’m not saying this for any other reason than to let you know that this is what you can expect from EasyWP at the moment.

Support aside, if there are no issues with your site, EasyWP is strong in many areas. What’s better proof than the fact that I’m still using it, and plan to use it for the foresaeable future.

The Specific Need is the Driver

Circling back to A2Hosting, aside from the price tag I liked a lot of things about their service. For example, they gave free SSL, which I had to purchase and install separately now with EasyWP. For some people, these small details can make all the difference – like it did for me back in the day.

Now, I have more of a DIY approach to have more control over the stuff that I have.

At the end of the day, EasyWP is perfectly suitable for creating only one website based on WordPress with limited traffic. Doing this in a worry-free, straightforward fashion.

A2Hosting’s Shared Hosting is suitable for someone who is looking to operate a number of websites, so that all of the available resources can be utilized.


The Almost Perfect Managed WordPress Hosting Solution on a Tight Budget

Recently I was looking at changing my web host. The reason for the change was simply to reduce my spend on web hosting.

I’ve had my previous web host for three years, and it was time to change things as I’ve gotten rid of all of my websites recently. I’d like to put all my energy on one thing only – Web Factors.

So I was looking for a web host that would fit the bill.

Managed WordPress hosting from a Domain Registrar?

The solution was right before my eyes. I host my domains with Namecheap, so the idea came to look at what options Namecheap has these days.

I knew about Namecheap’s hosting solutions from a few years back, but this looked something new and improved labeled with Beta. So after reading up on it, I decided to give it a try.

The package doesn’t promise unlimited everything, but everything it offers is real.

What I like about it

Firstly, I like the minimal, uncluttered user experience on the dashboard. It resonates with my idea on how I feel is best to create user interfaces and serve content to readers.

The dashboard is minimalistically designed – YAY!!

The dashboard serves only the necessary information.

The view of our website on the dashboard

Just to mention a few, the Overview page shown above includes only crucial information about the website, like the WordPress version, available storage, plan details, and renewal. We also have the option to change the status of our website from Online to Maintenance mode or even Offline. We can also delete our website here.

Moving along, on the Domains page we can select our available domains to use with EasyWP. As mentioned, only one domain per plan. We can also manage SSL certificates from this page.

Select domains and manage SSL certificates from the Domains tab

Next on the line is the Backups tab where we can create backup copies of our WordPress powered website and view all of the backups. The existing backups can be downloaded, deleted or restored.

Last but not least, we can set up SFTP access for a limited or unlimited time.

Not unlimited, but enough

With my previous web host, I was on a Shared Hosting plan with unlimited resources with a well-known web host. I was paying four times the amount of what I pay for EasyWP.

After trying EasyWP for the money, I felt that I was being charged too much for what I used and needed with my current web host.

Performance is solid, speed is somewhat better compared to my previous web host.

Don’t get me wrong: there is a place for each service, but I wasn’t using it all that it had, and what it had was also resulting in a lower quality speed-wise – which is a huge factor nowadays with users.

So all in all I’m glad that I’ve made the decision to move to EasyWP, and while there are limits to the monthly number of views, I find it highly usable for my needs, and recommend it to all looking for a fast, easy-to-use WordPress hosting experience specifically for one site only.


How Underdogs Build Websites the Smart Way and You can too

I built my first website roughly five years ago. I had no idea what I was doing but looking back, I was on the right track. At the time my brother had a website which was generating a good amount of traffic and income for him, and I really wanted to get my feet wet in the online world.