The Game of the Dawn and the Twilight

The disruption is happening. From energy to transportation, to name a few, it’s happening at a fast pace. Of course, it’s the IT industry that’s driving it all.

There is a real revolution out there, that will completely change the landscape. Our lives will be much more different not too far in the future.

There is more and more a blur between reality and the digital world. Something similar to the movie Matrix. Even though it was 20 years ago, it’s quite the prophecy.

Digitization and AI hand-in-hand are coming forward, disrupting existing business models, the way we interact with our machines and each other.

The way we interact with our phones already makes us a cyborg in a sense. The phone is an extension of us that gives us the ability to gain access to unlimited information from the outside, but we can also store pieces of our lives there, available anytime on-demand.

Where is this all leading?

Robots, AI and Elon Musk

I came across a video on YouTube where Elon Musk of Tesla was in Joe Rogan’s show in the summer of 2019. It was an interesting show.

One particular piece that stuck with me – which I already knew about Elon, is that he is seriously worried about the future of AI. He said that we really need to get this right, as there may be no way back. He took it as far as Obama.

His voice was not heard.

Does it mean that we are completely OK with AI?

Movies give robots human characteristics, so we’ve developed a familiarity for them in a sense. Politicians don’t really know the science, so it’s hard to get them to raise the red flag.

One thing’s clear: the new technologies that destructed whole industries in the past have also opened new opportunities. The twilight of one meant the dawn of another.

I love technology, but at the same time, there is something in the back of my mind suggesting that AI is not something to play with. The people who are in the position to make recommendations on this should come forward and make their voices heard. Otherwise, we might get it wrong one time, and then – The End.

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