Saying Goodbye to my Old Web Host

In December 2018 it was my 3rd year of hosting my website with A2 Hosting. While I was happy with the service, I made a decision to look for other opportunities on the market that would allow me to continue my activities more efficiently.

The decision was based on two things:

  1. I was not making use of all the resources that were available
  2. and coming from the above, I was paying way too much for something that I don’t make use of fully

I wrote an article about my initial experience with Namecheap’s EasyWP WordPress Managed Hosting service which is far from complete, but it struck me that I haven’t shared anything on my experience with A2Hosting.

A strong point

Support was one of the strongest points of A2 Hosting. Speed wise, they were not better than my current cheap WordPress hosting, but their support was snappy – issues were solved quickly.

In contrast, Namecheap’s EasyWP support takes days sometimes for an issue to be solved. Now, if you run a serious business you cannot afford this. This is the current reality with Namecheap. And I’m not saying this for any other reason than to let you know that this is what you can expect from EasyWP at the moment.

Support aside, if there are no issues with your site, EasyWP is strong in many areas. What’s better proof than the fact that I’m still using it, and plan to use it for the foresaeable future.

The Specific Need is the Driver

Circling back to A2Hosting, aside from the price tag I liked a lot of things about their service. For example, they gave free SSL, which I had to purchase and install separately now with EasyWP. For some people, these small details can make all the difference – like it did for me back in the day.

Now, I have more of a DIY approach to have more control over the stuff that I have.

At the end of the day, EasyWP is perfectly suitable for creating only one website based on WordPress with limited traffic. Doing this in a worry-free, straightforward fashion.

A2Hosting’s Shared Hosting is suitable for someone who is looking to operate a number of websites, so that all of the available resources can be utilized.

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