I Use These Tools to Check my Website Speed

A lot of effort goes into creating content for our websites. To make sure that no effort is wasted, we need to keep our website speed at a good level. What is a good level you might ask?

There’s no short answer to this, but I consider anything below 2 seconds a good result.

Google, for example will also take this into account when it comes to ranking a website in search results.

So what can be done to improve site speed?

How about some testing first?

A good starting point is to see how a site performs. Of course, we can sort of have a feel for it by simply loading it in our browser. However, in order to develop a more serious view and to track progress, we need facts and figures.

There are many online tools which offer the possibility to run speed and optimization tests. I typically use GT Metrix or WebPageTest. Both are pretty comprehensive and do the job perfectly.

Using these tools you will learn about the different factors that affect site performance, and you can act on these. While there is usually some explanation on how you can improve that specific aspect, you may need to do some additional Google searches to find out how to actually implement that specific change.

Finally, a tool from Google that I have not been using so frequently, but it has the same funcionality as the other two mentioned above, but with a right amount of minimalism: PageSpeed Insights.

I hope you will find these tools as useful as I did and still do, they are definitely a good point to start getting to grips with site performance.

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