How Underdogs Build Websites the Smart Way and You can too

I built my first website roughly five years ago. I had no idea what I was doing but looking back, I was on the right track. At the time my brother had a website which was generating a good amount of traffic and income for him, and I really wanted to get my feet wet in the online world. 

He introduced me to WordPress, and explained some of the ins and outs of how search engines work, why he used WordPress for  his own project.

I was fascinated with what I learned, and that I can have my own website.

I developed a pashion for websites, design and almost all that comes with it. It didn’t take too much time for me to realize that I love helping others even more with their online journeys. So it comes naturally for me to share what I learned over the course of more than five years of creating, running, design-perfecting and managing websites.

Use WordPress

The intro above was just a bit of information about my backround on how I got into the web thing.

And now let’s see how you can create a strong web presence and how can I help you do that.

WordPress is my primary choice for websites, and that’s what I recommend to use for people around me.

I learned how to use WordPress and in the last few years, I’ve been creating many different websites based on WordPress. By different, I mean blogs, corporate sites, e-commerce sites, landing pages.

WordPress in its infancy was not suited for complex sites, it was a just a simple blogging system. Now, on the other hand, we can create a variety of websites based on WordPress, thanks to the constant development and huge community behind it. According to many, WordPress has become a full-fledged content management system.

You might ask the question, why is it important to me that I’m dealing with a content management system? It’s important because it allows us to leverage all the benefits that WordPress offered as a blogging platform and beyond by being able to create very complex websites in a breeze.

Setting up a WordPress website can take only a few minutes if done properly. I can usually set up WordPress websites within minutes, and you can do it too.

Go Minimal

This is the part that is closest to my heart. I love themes, and I love making smart design choices.

One of the key aspects of a great web presence it the design. It is far more important than we might think. Design influences how users perceive a website, how professional it is.

It also determines how effectively can visitors use a website. So things like typography and layout will determine how easy it is to the eye to read the content. Clutter caused by fancy but not necessarily needed features plays a major role in the overall website experience.

A nice and sleek minimal design with just the right amount of features and lots of white space is recommended.

And lastly, if a website has all the bells and whistles, it will not perform optimally when it comes to loading speed. Visitors appreciate fast websites, and so do search engines. Put yourself in the shoes of your visitor and ask yourself: do I like my website visually? Do I need to wait several seconds for it to load?

The bottom line is, that a minimal, performance-driven design sophisticated design is more in line with what users are looking for will always outperform a feature-bloated design.

Select these web hosting partners

The points that we’re discussing in this article are equally important. It’s like the four wheels of a car. If only one is flat, the whole car is affected even though the others are in perfect shape.

To ensure that your website performs optimally, the quality of the web hosting service has to be adequate – do not underestimate.

We pride ourselves for being able to effectively identify cheap, but good quality web hosting services on the market. Of course, the market is constantly evolving, new providers and products appear overnight with the potential to turn whole segments upside down. There are two components to this:  added service benefit or competitive pricing. Therefore, it is good practice to revisit this aspect from time-to-time.


I talked about why creating a web presence based on WordPress is a good choice. We also touched on the visual and performance side of a web presence: design and web hosting. We saw that these are equally important

All of these are aspects which we can help you with your future or current projects. Why not have a pleasent discussion to explore where we can help in your specific case

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