How to Avoid the Worst Black Friday Web Hosting Deals?

Question: why would anyone want to look for the worst Black Friday web hosting deals? After all, Black Friday is about the best deals of the year.

Answer: because if you don’t know the ones that you should stay away from, you might find them among the best deals among ads.

Here is my 3 tips to avoid the above:

Use common sense

If the web hosting plan that you are looking at was selling for $500/year, and now they say it’s $30/year, that’s a red flag. Typically the biggest discounts are given on the value products. So for example, if it was $4.95/month, and now it’s $1.95/month, that’s perfectly realistic.

Check the web host or web hosts and products well in advance

I like to look at the products well in advance. It’s too late to look at it one or two days before the event. Web hosts are preparing their Black Friday offers weeks in advance.

Although it’s illegal, some providers might increase their prices before the event so that they can claim that they have reduced their prices by a larger amount. I’d say it’s rare but seen it done.

Watch out for up- and cross-sells

Most web hosts will try to sell you something additional when you are signing up. If you don’t check your cart, you might end up with some additional packages at your service. Of course, it’s possible that these are of value to you, but it might not be the case in many instances.

+Bonus tip

Keep an eye on the renewal price when signing up on discount rates. Providers will give you very low prices for the initial term, but they will try to make a profit on every client. It’s not that they are unfair, it is perfectly fine as every business’s goal is to make a profit.

I’d just make sure not to commit to renewal when signing up on the discounted rate.

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